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Archaeopteryx Imprint is very excited that Dreaming Bottom's Dream by Struben Clinton is coming soon! Illustrated by Monica Schefold, this is a story where the Golden Ass of Apulius and A Midsummer Night's Dream meet in a satire of saintly sin! More details to follow…

The Red Crocodile Available in Paperback


The Red Crocodile saga by Struben Clinton is now available in paperback. The Red Crocodile - a novel in four volumes - is a contemporary Chaucerian tale of love and lust, written in true mediaeval style using plain language – a bawdy romp which takes the characters across a decadent world and towards the end of the Twentieth Century. Please click the volume names below to visit Amazon and read more:

We Three can be read as the first or the last volume of The Red Crocodile. It is set in Switzerland and South America. Three teenagers begin a holiday together and discover they have more in common than they realised. Events lead them to search for a missing person in South America where they learn more about themselves and the influences that have formed their characters.

The Wrong Man (the first volume of The Red Crocodile) charts Sibylla’s search for ‘the right man’ and her life-long obsession with Nick. They cannot contemplate a future without each other, but their relationship is complicated. They are both confused and tortured by their mutual physical attraction and are driven by an insatiable curiosity to discover the reality behind the other person’s charismatic exterior.

In Moon Goddess (the second volume of The Red Crocodile) Sibylla gradually realises her sexual powers and doesn’t hesitate in forming physical relationships with several men. Nick is insanely jealous and is driven to commit murder through his irrational passion for Sibylla. Throughout the novel, Sibylla pursues her idea of a perfect relationship, only to be dissuaded from a conventional life by Nick and her own desires.

The End Game is the last volume of The Red Crocodile. It charts the end of Nick’s and Sibylla’s emotional journey. They learn more about each other, although no satisfactory resolution is reached in their relationship. Their obsessive mutual attraction remains an enigma and all they can do is try and deal with the consequences.

The Red Crocodile

We are very proud to announce the publication of The Red Crocodile box set. A beautifully presented box set of four gripping novels, bound in soft book cloth, foil stamped and encased in a specially made box. This limited edition collection of hardbacks is one of our proudest achievements, and is currently available in our Book Shop. The author is Struben Clinton, an innovative writer who isn't afraid to break new ground in the genre of adult fiction.